Staff And Board Members


Founder and Artistic Director:

Derryl Yeager

Associate Artistic Director:

Veronica Cabling

Executive Director:

Annie Van Alstyne

Dance Captain:

Darby Jones

Graphic/Web Design Consultant:

Eric Christensen, egDesign

Media Consultant:

Susie Carlson, Energy 8 Media

Booking Agent:

Andreas Pfeifer, AP ARTE Berlin

Technical Production:

• Technical Director, Lighting Designer & Stage Manager – Kyle Baumann
• Assistant Stage Manager – Matt Jennings
• Members – IATSE Local 99 – The Run of Show Crew

Costume Production:

• Cheryl Yeager, Costume Production Director, Costume Designer
• Daurene Turpin, Costumes and Wardrobe

Board of Directors – Officers:

• Derryl Yeager, President and CEO
• Marlies Burns, Ed.D., Board Chair, Co-Owner The Education Architect
• Tori Lima, Secretary and Treasurer, Express Employment Professionals, Franchise Owner/Partner

Board Members:

• David Eaton, Entrepreneur
• Lori Gee, Commercial Realtor
• Heather Osmond, Owner – Osmond Designs
• Ralph C. Petty, Attorney
• Karen Standing, Educator

In Memoriam:

• Rowland Butler, Dance Director, Choreographer & Performer

Chair Emeriti

• John F. Holmgren, MBA, ChFC
• Robert P. McComas
• Lance Schiffman
• Scott F. Smith, Ph.D

Advisory Board:

• Michael Ballam, Ph.D., General Director, Utah Festival Opera
• Sam Cardon, Composer
• Daniel Darger, Attorney
• Leo Hopf, Management Consultant
• Michael McLean, Songwriter, Playwright, Filmmaker, Author and Performer
• Marie Osmond, Entertainer
• David B. Winder, Corporate Director

In Memoriam:

• Fred Adams, Founder – Utah Shakespearean Festival
• Hyrum Smith, Founder – Franklin Quest

Honorary Board:

• Lewis Billings, Former Mayor of Provo
• Gary Herbert, Former Governor of Utah
• John Valentine, Former Utah State Senator