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Tickets on sale NOW!


Tickets on sale NOW!


Not only are Thriller tickets available right now, but you can get your It’s a Wonderful Life tickets for HALF PRICE when you buy them with your Thriller tickets!

Yeah, right now!!

LET’S GO! – Thriller tickets

LET’S GO! – It’s a Wonderful Life tickets

Derryl on KUTV Fresh Living!

Get ready and get your tickets for Shut Up & Dance! Choose from Romeo+Juliet – One Funky Tale, or Chicago Nights… or BOTH! Showing this week at the Capitol Theatre in Salk Lake City!

Check out Derryl as he talks all things SUAD!!

Live SUAD performances in SLC – Capitol Theatre!!

Odyssey Dance Theatre has spent the last two months in rehearsal – not knowing if any Salt Lake Facility would even be open for performances they were planning in March 2021! And on Feb 23rd Odyssey was informed that their normal spring season venue, Kingsbury Hall, will remain closed indefinitely – and so it looked like the whole season would have to be cancelled! Several anxious days followed – until on Feb 26th it was announced that all the large Salt Lake County Arts facilities would be opened for masked and social distanced audiences starting on March 25th! “I jumped on this announcement and found that the Capitol Theatre had yet to be booked on that fateful first weekend – so I booked it!!” says Founder and Artistic Director Derryl Yeager. “We are just so grateful the dancers will have a chance to actually perform and show off their talents they have been working on the last few months! We were ready when the opportunity arose and we Leapt at the Chance to Dance!”

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