It’s the last time for Thriller Studio sign ups!…

Hi Studio Owners/Directors,

Here we go!

We are excited to bring back this opportunity one last time for everyone!

Below are the links to sign up for the Chucky AND the Youth Zombies for individual studios to participate at the Park City, Ogden, Logan and Kingsbury Hall performances of Thriller this year.

What this means is – your studio can sign up for 1 (one) performance = a Chucky AND Youth Zombie together. Signing up is on a first come first serve basis – and after signing up there may be a need to adjust some dates as we look at the needs of the show and available spots.

We had several last year sneak in two performances for their studio by signing up under two different names. Since this is the LAST Thriller season – please be respectful to everyone by only signing up for 1 show per studio. If we catch you signing up for two – you run the risk of being disqualified and taken off the list entirely!

Looking forward to seeing you all and doing this one last Thriller season!

You can sign up dates by clicking on the following links:

Park City Chucky’s

Park City Zombies

Ogden Chucky’s

Ogden Zombies

Logan Chucky’s

Logan Zombies

Kingsbury Chucky’s

Kingsbury Zombies

Let’s make this the BEST THRILLER EVER!!
Derryl Yeager
Founder and Artistic Director
Odyssey Dance Theatre