Best of State

Odyssey continues to win…

Winner of Best of State in Dance for 18 years; Best of State of all Arts and Entertainment 2007 and 2015; Best Choreographer 2009 Odyssey Founder and Artistic Director Derryl Yeager; Best Individual Dancer 2010: Eldon Johnson; 2012: Veronica Cabling; 2013: Dayna Marshall; 2021: Darby Standing-Jones; 2022: Laura Brick; 2024: Lily Farrar and Best Youth Dance Group 2011 and 2012 Odyssey 2, Odyssey Dance Theatre performs to critical acclaim and standing ovations at home and on tour, nationally and internationally, and is proud to represent Utah on the world’s stage, most notably coinciding with the Beijing Summer Olympics.

Judges consider three categories – achievement, innovation and contribution to quality of life. Best of State recognizes those who have demonstrated achievement in their field and have produced superior results and outcomes; have differentiated themselves in positive ways from others within their field through innovation or creativity in techniques; and have made Utah a better place to live.